Alminas Žaldokas

Associate Professor of Finance

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Research Interests

Innovation, industrial organization and corporate finance, corporate governance, family firms


Asia-Pacific Corporate Finance Online Workshop




Publications and Accepted Papers

Credit Supply and Corporate Innovation (with Mario Daniele Amore and Cédric Schneider)
Journal of Financial Economics (2013)
WFA 2013, CICF 2013, ... more
Working Paper

Investor Base and Corporate Borrowing Policy: Evidence from International Corporate Bonds (with Massimo Massa)
Journal of International Economics (2014)
EFA 2011, McGill Global Asset Management Conference 2011, ... more
Working Paper

Do Corporate Taxes Hinder Innovation? (with Abhiroop Mukherjee and Manpreet Singh)
Journal of Financial Economics (2017)
EFA 2015, NBER SI Productivity/Innovation Meeting 2014, ... more
Working Paper, Internet Appendix
New Product Announcement Data
Policy Briefs: CATO Institute Research Brief; HKUST IEMS Thought Leadership Brief

Information Transfers among Coowned Firms (with Massimo Massa)
Journal of Financial Intermediation (2017)
AFA 2012, CICF 2013, ... more
Working Paper

Anti-Collusion Enforcement: Justice for Consumers and Equity for Firms (with Sudipto Dasgupta)
Review of Financial Studies (2019)
AFA 2018, EFA 2017, ... more
Working Paper, Internet Appendix

The Effects of Global Leniency Programs on Margins and Mergers (with Ailin Dong and Massimo Massa)
RAND Journal of Economics (2019)
WFA 2015, EFA 2014, ... more
Working Paper, Internet Appendix

Corporate Disclosure as a Tacit Coordination Mechanism (with Thomas Bourveau and Guoman She)
Journal of Accounting Research (2020)
AFA 2020, EFA 2019, ... more
Working Paper, Internet Appendix

How Does Firms' Innovation Disclosure Affect Their Banking Relationships? (with Farzad Saidi)
Management Science forthcoming
AFA 2017, WFA 2016, ... more
Working Paper, Internet Appendix


Working Papers

Background Noise? TV Advertising Affects Real Time Investor Behavior (with Jura Liaukonyte)
NBER/RFS Conference on Big Data: Long-Term Implications for Financial Markets and Firms 2019, EFA 2019, ... more
Media: WSJ, Matt Levine, Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog


Work in Progress
Working papers available on request; *cancelled conferences

New Products (with Abhiroop Mukherjee and Tomas Thornquist)
Adam Smith Workshop in Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance 2020*, Brookings Institution Productivity Measurement Initiative 2019, ... more

Motivating Collusion (with Sangeun Ha and Fangyuan Ma)
Finance in the Cloud IV 2020, Next Generation of Antitrust, Data Privacy and Data Protection Scholars Conference 2020 (NYU Law), ... more
Presentation video

Conflicts in Private Family Firms (with Janis Berzins)
ABFER 2020*, AEA 2020 Poster, ... more


Older Working Papers

Bankrupt Family Firms (with Massimo Massa)
CICF 2014, ISB CAF Summer Research Conference 2014, ... more

Corporate Governance and International Trade (with Mario Daniele Amore)
EEA/ESEM 2011, EARIE 2011, ... more